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What Is Echarge About?


Check In & Charge is the first alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles. It is designed to be globally disseminated through the installation of eCharge stations at hotels, offices, shopping malls, parking lots and other customer-friendly locations.


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Find us on these social media sites and talk to us. We are more than happy to tell you about our mission and vision.



Problems & Solutions

An eCharge station in each and every hotel, office, parking lot and everywhere where the car is not used.


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Our recent press coverage, events and other media mileage

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eCharge Charging Stations



Although electric mobility is the future and car manufacturers keep launching new electric vehicles onto the market, no adequate charging station network currently exists.

Especially when you are on vacation, long waits are a hassle, and charging stations are frequently busy, or blocked altogether.

  • High investments are required for charging technology
  • Only a few hotels are equipped with e-charging stations


Solutions provides hotels with e-charging stations for free – including installation, electricity and backend support. In return, eCharge locks in exclusive vendor partnerships with these hotels.

Hotel guests can conveniently charge their electric cars during their stay at the hotel, while our intelligent booking platform coordinates parking and charging options.

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How it actually works

Our Grid

The Infrastructure

We are currently working on installing our charging stations in hotels and parking lots. Our goal is to install 50.000 stations for charging 50.000 cars.

A quick calculation, assuming the average electric car battery to have a capacity of 80 kWh, puts the total capacity of our grid around 4.000 MWh of virtual energy storage.

Our Tokens

Where BlockChain Comes In

The use of our BlockChain currency eCHG, for access to our grid is best explained with an example:

Assume you stay one night at a hotel and pay 200 eCHG for parking and charging your car. This means that for about 20 Euro you get to park your car for the night and have it fully charged and ready to go in the morning. (the fiat currency value might vary, depending on the later value of eCHG at the BlockChain exchanges)

If for example, your car allows a slight discharge of 20% of its battery, then you might get paid back the 200 eCHG, because this allows us to sell this energy at peak when there is an under-capacity in the grid and recharge it back when the demand in the grid decreases.

In Germany for example, the low for the energy price is at -0,07 Euro and the high at 0,07. In US - Texas the ratio between high and low gets up to 10.000. This allows us to buy the energy at its lowest price, for charging the cars and to sell it back to the electrical grid at peak for the highest price.


Energy Trade

Based on the examples above, you can see how we are using the eCHG tokens for energy trade: peer2peer, grid2vehicle, vehicle2grid and in the last phase also vehicle2vehicle

Our Main Partner For Energy In Germany

Our Sources Of Inspiration

Our Progress

Formation of AG, CH-Zug
Winning over the first investor
Completion of the concept design
Completion of the technical specifications
Start of pro-active customer acquisition
Growing the charging station network
April 2nd - April 30th: ICO running
Mai 2018: Rollout in Dubai/AbuDhabi
June 2018: 10 major Exchanges start trading eCharge tokens
July 2018: Rollout in Asia
October 2018: Rollout in US
2019: Vehicle2Grid to earn money with your eCar
2020: Vehicle2Vehicle for Peer2Peer Energy Trade based on eCharge Tokens

120+ contracts with hotels in Europe

Present at over 50 locations

Several well known cooperation partners

Distribution of eCharge Tokens

1 billion eCharge tokens, which represent 50% of all generated eCharge eCHG, will be offered during Pre-ICO and ICO. The remaining eCHG will be partially distributed among legal and business advisors, the team and bounties. The major part of the remaining eCHG will be blocked and kept as a reserve. The following graphic shows the planned distribution of the tokens, however deviations are possible.

  • 53% of the total eCHG will go towards purchasing charging stations and the roll-out of charging stations in hotels.
  • 20% are assigned for Marketing and Sales, to support our goal of building the network
  • 10% are going towards developing and supporting our IT Platform
  • 10% are covering the costs of Administration and Operations
  • 5% are dedicated to Research and Development
  • 2% are assigned for Legal Support

Existing Partnerships And New Ones Under Negotiation

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Our Advisory

Gerhard Greiner

Partner at BearingPoint, SVP Digital Business Innovation at Infonova, Managing Director at INFONOVA GmbH

Hugo Hellebuyck

Blockchain Strategist, Event Organizer Asia Cointelegraph, former Chief Investment Officer at Grayden Capital Pte

Dr. Kurt Hunsänger

Former CEO of the EVOP, Utility Company, Managing Partner of HBB Hunsänger Consulting and Participation GmbH

Ladislav Kazán

Strategical adviser and member of board at WBCSummit, Strategic Alliances Manager at Ifthen Sports, cryptocurrency traffic at

Efthymios Klampaftis

Scientist at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, Acting Managing Director at lumoPV, Research Fellow at Heriot-Watt University

Dawid Kustra

Co-Founder at Cryptocurrency World Expo, ICO Advisor at Serenity Financial, Co-Founder and former Vice President of Solution Partners

Sven Laepple

Founder of ASTRATUM, Founding member at Blockchain Association Germany, Distributed Sky Alliance, Former Owner and CEO of Datenwolke Digital

Ismail Malik

Blockchain R&D + ICO Strategist, Editor In Chief at ICO CROWD, Founder & CEO at BlockchainLab, Smart Blockchains for Smart Cities at SmartLedger

Łukasz Paszkiewicz

Co-Founder at Cryptocurrency World Expo, Advisory Board for, Advisor for Serenity Financial, Executive Advisor for Travvil

Andreas Pflaum

Hotelier Of The Year, owner of Pflaums Posthotel Pegnitz OHG, First Boutique Design Hotel, Well known Thought Leader in the Hotel Industry

Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

LA Token founder, Founder & CEO at AIB Zalogo, Director at Founder Institute, Managing Partner at Avega Capital, Strategy Consultant at VTB

Alexander H Reay

CEO #GameChanging Device, CEO Vice Chairman at JM Privacy & Protection, Founder of Nordic IT Association, Member Board Of Directors at IDACB

Mohamed Roushdy, MBA

Experienced CIO | FinTech | Digital Transformation, Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President - Information Technology at Al Hilal Bank

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Managing Director at Sielva Management, CEO & Innovation Coach at Swiss Innovation Group Ltd., Chief corporate development officer at ADDCON

James Sisneros

Developed Zaahah to Promote Student Success & the aHa token a global cryptocurrency to reward student participation

Malcolm Tan

Lawyer - Entrepreneur, Founding Partner of CoinStreet Asia, Founder of Gravitas Holdings (Pte) Limited, Phoenix Life Style Group

Amro Zakaria

Co-Founder at Market Trader Academy, Wall Street Banker, Well Known Thought Leader of the Financial Blockchain Industry

Our Founders



Although electric mobility is the future and car manufacturers keep launching new electric vehicles onto the market, no adequate charging station network currently exists.

20+ years of experience in hotel technology.

Markus Dold

Founder & CEO

Dariia Manovytska


Holger Czesnat


Max Grübl


Andreas Spitzer


Our Booking System

Managing Station

Managing Station

List of all charging stations available in the DACH region

Special Pricing

Special Pricing

Special rates offered to the eCharge community by hotels

Value Added

Value Added

Booking of hotel rooms including usage of charging station with special eCharge discount

Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Payment of charging process at all stations via the roaming network interface of subject

QR Activation

QR Activation

Activation of the e-charging process via QR code scans

Currency Wallet

Currency Wallet

Kilowatt-hours eCurrency Wallet and hotel map


Technical Specifications

  • Charges up to 22KW AC
  • Stand or wall mount
  • 4G Modem as Hotspot
  • Camera to detect vandalism of charging stations
  • Microphone, loudspeaker as Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • LED beam to differentiate between electric & combustion engines
  • RFID payment with membership card
  • NFC for wireless payment with credit card
  • Remote management
  • Smart charger, controlled by AI engine to manage the energy flow
  • Payment with crypto ETH, Dash, or Credit Card

Our Resources

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Press & Events


CNN Feature

Echarge CEO Markus Dold speaks about the "Chicken and Egg" situation with electric cars and the necessary infrastructure to make them feasible and how eCharge will solve this issue.


CSR Initiatives

Echarge has supported and contributed to initiatives such as “Life Goes On” an organized that honors people with extraordinary achievements and contributions to society, environment or the nation.

Contact us[email protected]

Past Events

Dubai International Blockchain Summit


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Unlock Blockchain, Dubai 2018


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Blockchain Economic Forum 2018


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16th Summit, Diversity Drives

Abu Dhabi

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Cryptocurrency World Expo 2018


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Blockchain Global Expo 2018


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Take an active part in the future of Electromobility!

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